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Potato/Multiplier Onion Giveaway and New Site



The new website is up and functioning now.  There are some sections that will be added later and some fleshing out to do, but it works.  I would like to sit down and write a long post about why I chose to move to this new format, but not today.  All of the old Turkeysong and Paleotechnics posts are there, archived in easy to navigate thumbnails, divided into various categories.  It can be thought of as both a blog feed and an easily accessible archive.  I may eventually have guest posts by various people versed in some practical art or other,  but there is no shortage of content bouncing around in my head!  I’ve been so immersed in working on the site and related stuff, that I’m really looking forward to concentrating on experiments and content again.  In the meantime, I post videos to youtube at least once a week to keep some momentum going.

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I’m trimming and sorting my multiplier onions for ebay and just listed them today.  But, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving away some collections of onion starts.  Some will be the “uglies”, like sprouting I’itoi, green mountain multipliers with a little too much surface mold to sell, etc…  All good stuff, just not showroom perfect and most will need to be planted right away.  There are four varieties, green mountain multiplier, yellow potato onion, I’itoi and copper shallot.  This is the first year I’m selling a collection like this, and I think it’s really cool.  I’m not sure how many I’ll give away until I sort everything, but probably 8 or 10 collections of these 4 varieties.  Anyway, this will happen on my new blog, so now you have incentive to get over there and sign up!  Ha!


This website is really the showcase for all the effort I’ve put in these past 30+ years thinking, living and experimenting along these lines and for all the projects to come.  My intent is that people who drop in or subscribe for one subject or area will eventually have their horizons broadened by finding something they had no idea they were interested in.  I would also like to broaden the mindset of homesteaders and gardeners to see more of the potential that is around us everywhere.  That is the future.  I’ve known it for a long time, and am finally seeing more movement in that direction.  I appreciate your support if the project interests you.  Subscribing to the new blog, liking the facebook page and sharing stuff with interested people are the things that will most help me get off the ground right now.

So, pop over and subscribe and I’ll be posting the onion giveway post within about two weeks.  Http://www.skillcult.com

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I hope to get the first in a video series on potato onions shot soon, but this was a 4 minute video that  I shot just for the hell of it when I had to drag my ass out of bed due to rain in august.  It has rained every month this summer.  Not necessarily a lot, but that is highly unusual… and annoying!  I’m used to leaving stuff out all summer long with no worries about rain.  Whether you think it’s a good idea or not, or think it’s natural or not, climate change is clearly in the house.

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